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The Inner Athletics Research Lab explores topics related to the psychology of performance and resilience, and how to coach people on these.

Research methods include qualitative approaches such as Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), case study analyses, quantitative- and qualitative-based questionnaires, and literature reviews.

The areas of research are relevant to Positive Psychology and Exercise & Sport Psychology, as well as the professional fields of exercise, movement (e.g. dance, yoga), martial arts, sport, management, leadership, and coaching.

Areas of research include:

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I also direct research and education at the Positive Psychology Guild.


A couple of recent projects have explored the dynamics of resilience and confidence. These studies have resulted in two teaching models that we now train our student practitioners of Positive Psychology in. They are based on research evidence and provide helpful frameworks and reference points for practitioners and coaching clients who wish to build and maintain confidence and become more resilient. I also use these tools in my own life.

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