The Inner Athletics Stress Model© illustrates the stages of positive and negative forms of stress. Through engaging character strengths, and learning how to manage positive and negative emotions and experiences, we can learn to navigate stressful situations and periods of uncertainty and transition with more ease. 

The Inner Athletics Performance Model© blends the benefits of physical exercise and strategic planning with timeless values and virtues from the martial arts. It provides a framework for prioritising what matters and taking action in alignment with positive goals. Motivation is a central part of this process. 

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The Inner Athletics Stress Management Model© blends cognitive practices that can reduce stress in various relationships. It offers a model for regaining perspective on everyday stressors that may set us back and lead to unhealthy habits and poor relationships in the long-term. Resilience is a key theme in this process. 

The Inner Athletics Recovery Model© blends wellbeing practices with concepts that influence quality of life. Within it lies the wisdom of nature, restorative sleep, connection with self and surroundings, and deep nutrition. It seeks to balance of mind, body, and spirit. Authenticity is a core part of this process. 

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