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As a qualitative researcher, I am interested in motivation and the relationship between movement, character, cognition, and emotion.


My current research is exploring the motivation to practice and how this changes over time. It suggests that love of movement could be a character strength while maintaining a movement practice over time is linked to self-actualisation and self-transcendence.

My research interest areas link to Positive Psychology and Exercise & Sport Psychology. I'm particularly interested in how both of these areas of psychology have emerged and intersect. Past research has explored the motivation to teach martial arts and/or self-defence. Other research is exploring the impact of fear on motor skills development, and how movement (kinaesthetic) "intelligence" is formed.


Beyond research, I coach, train, and facilitate people and organisations in Positive Psychology. I am a fellow member of the Positive Psychology Guild where I lead operations and direct research and education initiatives. Prior to this I ran an executive coaching practice and worked with international organisations such as the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, and International Red Cross & Red Crescent.

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