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I'm a Positive Psychology Researcher with a background in Exercise & Sport Psychology.

I help people to perform better, manage stress, and recover from setbacks and disappointments in life, work, and sport. I also educate people on mental health and wellbeing, and teach them how to defend themselves in situations of violence and other types of attacks. 


I've been coaching and training people on performance under pressure, effective communications, leadership and resilience, and stress management since 2014. I've also worked in areas of high pressure since 2002 and faced a number of competitive and stressful situations myself.


I now teach, coach, and train people and organisations on areas of psychology. My clients are typically looking to deepen and their knowledge and practice of Performance Psychology and the Science of Wellbeing to better support themselves, their clients, their families, and their teams. 

I also consult for the Positive Psychology Network (PPN), where I teach Positive Psychology Coaching, Positive Organisational Psychology, and Mental Health First Aid and Wellbeing, and am a Fellow PPN Researcher on Performance, Wellbeing, and Trauma.

At the Inner Athletics Research Lab,  my interests lie in Positive Emotions, Motivation, Optimism, Compassion, and Resilience. Also a self-defence instructor, I have a Masters degree in Violence and partner with Combat Academy UK on Violence and Post-Traumatic Growth research.


For more details on my qualifications, please click here or connect with me professionally on LinkedIn below.

If you are interested in working with me, please drop me a line at: claire@innerathletics.com

Claire Higgins, Director

Positive Psychology Researcher MSc, PPDip, PCert

Performance, Mental Health & Wellbeing in Life, Work & Sport

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