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As a qualitative researcher, I have a special interest in motivation and the impact of movement on character, cognition, and emotion.


My current research is exploring the motivation to practice and how this changes over time. It suggests that love of movement is a character strength while exploring and maintaining a practice is about identity, belief, commitment, and how the practice and/or its environment makes us feel.

Practice is also a process of character development. An interest is sparked and with repeat action, a hobby is formed. Perseverance and a love of learning is often present in those who evolve to practice. Humility increases over time as the person gains a better understanding and ability of self and subject.


Practice is also a personal endeavor where it offers a path away from suffering and towards self-actualisation, self-mastery, and for some, self-transcendence. This is what keeps us engaged.

My approach to psychology research is informed by Exercise and Sport Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Dance Movement Psychotherapy, and my training in fitness, yoga, self-defence and martial arts. I am particularly interested in the links between psychology, physiology, and philosophy when seeking to understand how mind and movement interact.

Practice Areas: Martial Arts & Self-Defence, Exercise & Sport, Swimming & Natural Movement

Teaching & Training: Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology Coaching Practice, Positive Psychology Training Practice, Positive Organisational Psychology, Somatic Practice (Positive Psychology Guild)

Coaching & Consulting: Performance, Stress Management, Recovery from Setbacks, Injuries & Burnout for people with athletic and goal-oriented qualities (Inner Athletics).

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