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I'm a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Researcher with a Masters of Science degree in Exercise & Sport Psychology and Diploma in Positive Psychology Practice.


At Inner Athletics, I coach and educate people on performance and resilience. I also oversee operations and direct research and education at the Positive Psychology Guild, and teach self-defence at Combat Academy UK.


I'm passionate about teaching my clients and students how to apply the science and art of Psychology to their own situations in life, work, and sport. I also enjoy learning myself and am engaged in several research initiatives.

If you are interested in working with me as your coach or Positive Psychology tutor, please drop me a line at:


Claire Higgins, Director

Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher MSc, PPGDip

Performance, Stress & Recovery in Life, Work & Sport

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Inner Athletics is a small research, coaching and training centre grounded in the Science of Positive Psychology and Exercise & Sport Psychology. We're also a Positive Psychology Guild organisational member & approved learning centre.

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