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I'm a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Researcher with a Masters of Science degree in Exercise & Sport Psychology and a Diploma in Positive Psychology Practice.


Inner Athletics is my online research and training lab for performance, stress, and recovery. Here, I explore the Positive Psychology and Exercise & Sport Psychology for athletes, coaches, and trainers. I'm fascinated by the study of character and wellbeing, and how both are integral to a resilient self that can weather disappointment.

Excellence (or the pursuit of it) has led me to also explore positive and negative emotions, and how mastery of self and skill is embodied. A question that drives me is, can we excel and flourish at the same time? Self-regulation is part of this process. Attention control, relaxation skills, creativity, and motivation are also important.

Claire Higgins, Director

Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher MSc, PPGDip

Performance, Stress & Recovery in Life, Work & Sport

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Online Professional Development for Athletes, Coaches & Trainers

Would you like to become a Positive Psychology Practitioner? Or study the intersection of Positive Psychology and Somatic Practice? 


We partner with the Positive Psychology Guild on the delivery of UK Level 5 Diplomas in Positive Psychology Practice and Positive Psychology & Somatic Practice. These courses may be studied online from anywhere in the world with full tutor support. They are self-paced and accredited by the CPD Group and the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG). On graduation, you will be eligible for PPG Professional Membership.

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Positive Psychology Program

Are you looking to explore performance in your life, work, or sport? Are you thinking of training as a Positive Psychology Practitioner or Trainer but want to learn more about the subject first?

Would you like to become a Positive Psychology Trainer and educate your clients on the psychology of performance, stress, and recovery? 

We are launching a UK Level 3 Certificate in Positive Psychology for Exercise & Sport in February 2021. This self-paced online certification with full tutor support is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG). It will qualify fitness instructors, personal trainers, and sports coaches in approaches to character, motivation, resilience, growth, and wellbeing in exercise and sport settings. Entry is also open to people who are passionate about exercise and sport. On graduation, you will be eligible for PPG Associate Membership.


Inner Athletics is a small research and training centre grounded in the science and lived experience of Positive Psychology and Exercise & Sport Psychology. We're also a Positive Psychology Guild organisational member & approved learning centre.


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