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I teach and train people with athletic and goal-oriented qualities on embodying and integrating the science and humanistic concepts of Positive Psychology into their lives through exploring, practice, and learning.

I'm a research-driven and person-centred Positive Psychology Practitioner with coaching, training, and facilitation skills. That means I value the importance of evidence-based approaches and the need to adapt psychological theories to individual needs. Training and education offer ways to do this.


My teaching and training events integrate Exercise and Sport Psychology practices with Positive Psychology approaches. I specialise in adult learning and how to make complex research and theory accessible for learners and practical in terms of application to self through inquiry and intervention.

Training events may cover:

  • Performance Goals 

  • Cognition & Emotion 

  • Stress & Resilience

  • Mindset & Motivation

They may also incorporate the psychological process of performing under pressure in volatile environments, and overcoming setbacks, injuries, and burnout.


Beyond this work, I also run PPG's operations and education initiatives, including the Positive Psychology Academy and the Positive Psychology Centre, and support the organisation's Autism Centre. I bring a neurodiverse and inclusive approach to all of my training events.

If you have any questions or would like to check my availability, please drop me a line here. Or click here to learn more about my professional background and qualifications.

Claire Higgins, MSc, PPGDip

Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher

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Each client I work with begins with a needs analysis session Based on this, I recommend a couple of options on how I can offer training and education for a specific group (e.g. athletes, coaches, trainers, executives).

The recommendation will include a fee proposal and related training deliverables.

Clients often ask what to expect as an outcome of engaging with me. Depending on the training area/s and scope of needs, trainees will leave with a better understanding of:

  • Positive Psychology and broader Psychology education relevant to their performance and wellbeing;

  • Understanding of their authentic performance and goal-setting style, and how to work with this rather than against it;

  • How different types of stress appear in their life and how to respond to them pro-actively;

  • How to slow down and make use of the time needed to recover from injury, setbacks, and burnout.

Educational topics that may be covered in training sessions include Character Development, Strengths & Virtues, Meaning & Purpose, Authentic Living, Resilience, Optimism & Wellbeing, Positive & Negative Emotions, Motivation & Change, Self-Protection, and Somatics & Kinaesthetics.


To learn more about how I work, please visit some of my teaching models here. To learn more about my professional background, please click here.

I am insured and qualified to practice in the areas of training and psychology by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG), where I am a Professional Member and adhere to their professional guidelines here. These include client confidentiality.

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