I coach and educate people with athletic and goal-oriented qualities on embodying and integrating the science and concepts of Positive Psychology into their lives through exploring, practice, and learning.

I'm a research-driven and person-centred Positive Psychology Practitioner with coaching, training, and facilitation skills. That means I value the importance of evidence-based approaches and the need to adapt psychological theories to individual client needs. 


My work integrates Positive Psychology, Exercise & Sport Psychology, Executive and Health Coaching, and Fitness, Yoga, and Martial Arts. My client coaching areas cover:

  • Performance Goals 

  • Cognition & Emotions

  • Stress & Resilience

  • Mindset & Motivation

I have a particular interest in the psychological process of performing under pressure in volatile environments, and overcoming setbacks, injuries, and burnout.


I also run PPG's operations and education initiatives, including the Positive Psychology Academy and the Positive Psychology Centre, and support the organisation's Autism Centre. 

If you have any questions or would like to check my availability, please drop me a line here. Or click here to learn more about my professional background and qualifications.

Claire Higgins, MSc, PPGDip

Positive Psychology Practitioner

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Each client I work with begins with a needs analysis session that lasts one hour and costs £75. Based on this, I recommend a couple of options on how I can offer support over a 3-month or 6-month period, or longer. The minimum time frame for working with me is 3 months to allow time for progress.

My monthly rate thereafter is £125. This includes a couple of online video sessions (50 mins each), email support, and educational resources related to your focus area. 

Clients often ask what to expect as an outcome. Depending on your chosen focus area/s, you will leave with a better understanding of:

  • Positive Psychology and broader Psychology education relevant to your coaching area/s;

  • Your authentic performance and goal-setting style, and how to work with this rather than against it;

  • How different types of stress appear in your life and how to respond to them pro-actively;

  • How to slow down and make use of the time needed to recover from injury, setbacks, and burnout.

Educational topics that may be covered in your coaching sessions include Character Development, Strengths & Virtues, Meaning & Purpose, Authentic Living, Resilience, Optimism & Wellbeing, Positive & Negative Emotions, Motivation & Change, Self-Protection, and Somatics & Kinaesthetics.


To learn more about how I work, please visit some of my teaching models here. To learn more about my professional background, please click here.

I am insured and qualified to practice in the areas of coaching and psychology by the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG), where I am a Fellow Member and adhere to their professional guidelines here. These include client confidentiality.


I've been coaching people since 2011 and professionally, since 2014. 

Over the years, I've worked with a wide variety of people of different nationalities, cultures, and belief systems. Professionally, they have come from diverse sectors, including humanitarian aid and development, government and politics, fitness and yoga, law and finance, project management and business development, and academia. I have also used my coaching skills to consult on a variety of organisational challenges around performance.

While my main interest is in the application of Positive Psychology in movement, exercise, and sport settings, I also coach people who are performance-driven in other areas of life and work. Performance, stress, and recovery processes apply to all high-pressure environments and people who like to challenge themselves. While a fit and healthy lifestyle can mitigate the impact of stress, there is also a need to work with the mind in terms of thought, emotion, and behaviour, and to take into account a person's social environment and its impact on them.

As someone who has been driven to perform in the past under increasing pressure, and experienced the knock-on effects of success, stress, failure, and physical injury, you could say I've learned first-hand what the journey of recovery and growth can be like. I took my questions into further training as a coach and later, through a diploma in Positive Psychology and Masters of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Psychology. I now teach Positive Psychology and run various research studies through the lens of Positive Psychology.

Working with me isn't a one-size-fits-all. I take a person-centred approach to each client and begin where they are. Sometimes this means that Psychology education may need to precede goal-setting and action. I don't believe in rushing clients through a goal-setting journey. From a place of self-awareness, a stronger sense of self can emerge and it is ideally this self that will go on to direct a client's journey long after our work together has ended. Having said that, if you're ready for goal-setting and achievement, then that's where we'll start!