We're a research and education centre with an evidence-based and people-centred approach.

When coaching people, we first explore the client's areas of concern, where and why they wish to make progress, and what they believe might be holding them back.


The intake process begins with the client and truly understanding his or her situation. Then we dive into the research. What does science say about their challenges? And how might we adapt the aspects of science to their personal needs?

The coaching process is a back and forth journey of discovery and progress. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our clients are unique and while we offer a research base, we keep an open mind. We also prioritise wellbeing over performance at all costs.

When teaching people, we emphasise creative content that is based on science and practice. We encourage students to think for themselves and challenge what we teach in a way that contributes to their overall learning process.

Our research projects are carefully chosen to reflect elements of performance, stress, and recovery. Most projects are grounded in the discipline of Positive Psychology and draw on a qualitative research method or mixed research methods approach.

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