I coach people on performance and resilience in movement, exercise, and sport.

All potential clients (and returning ones) start with a free chat by phone or Skype to see if what I offer is in alignment with what you need. In this chat, I'll ask you about your coaching topic and where you need support. You're also welcome to ask me questions about my qualifications and how I work.

Sometimes you might need me to understand your specific movement, exercise, or sport context prior to coaching, and sometimes the topic you are looking to be coached on won't require this. It is useful to discuss this possibility at the start to ensure I am the right coach to support you.

The free chat will last around 20 minutes. If you choose to go ahead with coaching after this, sessions will last 60 minutes every couple of weeks, every month, or more/less often depending on your coaching needs and resources. You will determine the pace of your coaching journey.

To find out more information, please drop me a line at: 

Claire Higgins, Director

Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher MSc, PPGDip

Performance, Stress & Recovery in Life, Work & Sport





  • Building Confidence

  • Competition Preparation

  • Goal-Setting & Motivation

  • Leadership Development

  • Group & Team Dynamics

During this phase of your coaching, you will learn about the Inner Athletics Performance Model. You will set and follow through on authentic and positive goals.




  • Stress Response

  • Managing Thoughts

  • Processing Emotions

  • Cognitive Functioning

  • Coping Skills & Strategies

During this phase of your coaching, you will learn about the Inner Athletics Stress Management Model. You will identify your triggers and learn effective ways to cope.




  • Exploring Meaning

  • Overcoming Setbacks

  • Learning from Failure

  • Cultivating Compassion

  • Developing Resilience

During this phase of your coaching, you will learn about the Inner Athletics Recovery Model. You will explore the building blocks of resilience and take time to rest.


  • After our initial chat, we will either book your first session or I will draft a proposal for you.

  • This proposal will take into account your personal coaching areas and how they relate to the educational content in the three areas above: Performance, Stress, and Recovery.

  • You may progress through these three areas in any way that is helpful to you. You may also choose to focus on only one or two areas.

  • If your coaching needs lie beyond these areas, I will make relevant suggestions.

  • Your proposal will take into account your particular needs and available resources (time, money). It can be finalised through a follow-up exchange and translated into a coaching agreement and plan.


"I've coached clients from different backgrounds since 2014. Professionally, they include people working in the non-profit, corporate, and government sectors, and those working in health, fitness, coaching, and sport. They come from different cultures, religions, and belief systems.


Although many factors and personal challenges differ from client to client, most tend to be well-travelled, high-achieving, and curious people. They are often exposed to pressure, either from themselves or from their environment. Quite often, it is a combination of both.


While they differ in strengths and cultures, they want to manage stressful situations more effectively. They also want to acquire the performance skills that will support them during challenging times, and to develop the resilience needed to perform and recover at such high levels."

Claire Higgins


I am a Fellow Member of the Positive Psychology Guild, which sets the ethical standards by which I practice.


All information shared during the free chat and any subsequent sessions will remain confidential during and after your coaching journey. A coaching agreement will be discussed and signed at the start. 

Please note that while I support clients on post-traumatic growth, I do not offer counselling support for trauma recovery or relief from physical pain or other medical ailments. I will however do my best to refer you if needed.

I support my clients' right to choose the areas on which they want to be coached. I also endeavor to educate and empower clients to learn more about their coaching areas. Knowledge transfer and skills acquisition are core parts of how I coach.


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions (60 mins) cost £75. They may be booked as needed. The fee includes relevant e-mail follow-up after the session is completed.

Coaching Journey

A block of 6 sessions with related information resources and e-mail coaching support costs £395 and is valid for 6 months. A coaching plan is developed at the start of your journey. 

Corporate Rates

Coaching sessions can be delivered online to your staff at work. Corporate rates are available on request. 

Complimentary Chat

To schedule a free chat please drop me a line at: 



For more information, please contact me below.

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