Positive Psychology Coaching Program for Athletes, Coaches & Trainers


This 12-week educational program is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild. 

The program is designed to equip and empower athletes, coaches, and trainers with the science of performance and wellbeing. Private training sessions then provide a space to explore how to translate this knowledge to action.

The program is also a great spring-board to training as a Positive Psychology Practitioner or Trainer. If you are thinking of career development, it will introduce you to this exciting discipline in the context of movement, exercise, and sport.

To discuss how this program could best support your needs, please drop me a line at: claire@innerathletics.com 

Claire Higgins, Director

Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher MSc, PPGDip

Performance, Stress & Recovery in Life, Work & Sport





Who are you and what do you value? Which roles are you playing in life, work, or sport? Are you aligned with your values, or have you wandered off track?




How would you describe your character? Do you persevere or have good judgment? What are your strengths and which skills are connected to these?




What engages you so much that you lose track of space and time? How do you overcome lethargy? How are hope and fear related to motivation?




How do you cope with setbacks, failures and injuries? Do you take them in your stride, do they derail you, or do you use them as pivots to thrive?




Is it possible to develop a positive outlook after experiencing a period of stress or adversity? How do the mind, body and spirit actually move on?




Post-program support and guidance. What have you learned? How will you take these lessons forwards to flourish in life, work, exercise, or sport?


  • Drop me a line to discuss by email what your professional goals and needs are in the context of movement, exercise, and sport, and if this is the right program and timing for you. 

  • There is one intake a year for this course. The next intake is in February 2021. Course registration opens in November 2020 and enrollment starts in January 2021.

  • Before your program begins, I will ask you to sign a coaching program contract. This will state your right to client confidentiality, each of our roles and responsibilities on the program, and reflect values from my professional code of conduct here, such as respect and helping you to develop resilience and optimism.

  • Your enrollment includes course payment and signing the coaching contract. I will then provide you with reading and audio-visual material to engage in before the program begins.

  • Your coaching sessions will take place every 2 weeks. We will schedule your sessions at the start of your program. If you need to change any dates later on, this is possible on request. Your sessions will include educational information and coaching support tailored to your needs and interest areas.


"I've coached, trained, and facilitated clients from different backgrounds and cultures since 2014. They include people working in senior roles in the non-profit, corporate, and government sectors, and those working in therapy, coaching, health, fitness, yoga, martial arts, and sport. 

At the Positive Psychology Guild, I also teach Positive Psychology and train Positive Psychology Practitioners. Some students hold PhDs while others are new to academic study. The majority are looking to build a new career or business, or enhance an existing one.


"Although the personal details differ, most of my clients and students tend to be high-achieving and curious people. They are often exposed to pressure, either from themselves or from their social environment. Quite often, it is a combination of both. Over time, this pressure can escalate.


"As a result, they are looking to develop their confidence or refine their vision and strategy. I help them to acquire the psychological skills to do this, and to develop the emotional and psychological resilience needed to perform and recover at high levels."

Claire Higgins


Inner Athletics is an Organisational Member of the Positive Psychology Guild, which sets the ethical standards by which I practice. I am also insured by PPG to practice as a coach, trainer, and facilitator in the areas of psychology and coaching.


All information shared during your program will remain confidential during and after your coaching journey. A coaching agreement outlining this will be discussed, agreed on, and signed at the start of your program. 


£450​ (single payment)

  • 6 program sessions (60 minutes each)

  • Weekly email support

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this program, so please consider your interest and commitment to it before signing up!


Complimentary Chat

To schedule a free 20-minute chat, please drop me a line at: claire@innerathletics.com 



For more information, please contact me below.

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This course is accredited by the Positive Psychology Guild. 

Its teaching content is set at UK level 1. The course is designed to be an evidence-based and skills-oriented personal development Positive Psychology program for life, work, exercise, and sport.


Students will access the course content through an online learning platform and online video or audio calls. At the end of the course, you will receive a certification of participation issued by Inner Athletics and the Positive Psychology Guild with CPD points.

If you are a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports coach, or movement teacher, and you wish to develop your professional skills, please visit the following course options run in partnership with the Positive Psychology Guild:

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